Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Toilets, Cuts and Spray Paint

Today at work I had one of those moments where you think "Man, this could only happen to me."

I was carrying a broken toilet (sitting on the shelf so it was never used) to the dumpster. I tossed it in there and noticed a hissing sound coming from the dumpster. I thought that was a little weird so I started walking towards the front to see what it was. After a few steps I noticed I was cut in two places from the toilet. I had a cut under my index finger that was bleeding pretty profusely and a cut about half-way up my forearm that was bleeding but not badly. I notice this and am like, "Wow, I cut myself on that damn toilet." Well, in this process I don't stop walking and turn around to go back into the store to wash my cut (I had forgotten all about the hissing noise at this point) and when I tilt my head up from looking at my cut, a can of spray paint sprays me all over the side of my face. Yep, found the hissing noise. A can of spray paint had a little hole and the pressure must have been forcing the paint out... and onto my face.

Today was just one of those days...


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