Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Advertising & The Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl (Go Colts!) was the second most watched Super Bowl in history. About 140 million people watched the Colts stomp all over the Bears. A 30-second ad this year cost about $2.6 million. That translates into about $54/person. I wonder if everybody that watched the Super Bowl went out and bought $54 worth of Doritos or Snickers. I doubt it.

For those wondering, my top three commercials of the Super Bowl were:
1. Rock Paper Scissors
2. Live The Flavor
3. Dalmatian (Spot Wink)

The Dalmatian spot reminded me of the Budweiser Donkey commercial a few years ago (::sidebar:: I met the Budweiser Donkey at Sea World a few years ago. I have pictures if you don't believe me).

Anyway, the Sierra Mist commercials really creeped me out. So did the Sprint one (connectile dysfunction). Also, if you're not going to make a new, original commercial, don't advertise on the Super Bowl. It's a waste of money.


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