Friday, October 08, 2004

Choir Concerts and Blood Drives

It was kinnda a long week. Choir concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So I was kinnda tired the rest of the week but it wasn't too bad. Counterpoints did pretty well during the concerts. Trebs did awesome too but I just always expect that now.

I applied for a job on Tuesday (or Wednesday) and it sounds really good! I hope it works out! Cross your fingers for me.

Thursday was fun, it was the blood drive. I really did not enjoy that. Luckily Kyle, Gina, and Chris were all by me so I knew some people. The guy that took my information kept commenting my shirt which was kinnda weird (and creepy). The guy drawing the blood wasn't really nice. He kept telling me I was doing good but I could tell he was lying. Chris even said when he got there, "Sam, you look tense." And at that moment I was looking straight at the ceiling, because if I looked left I saw the needle in me and if I looked right I would see them putting the needle in Ally. So the only acceptable spot was right above me. Luckily Kyle doesn't like needles either so I don't feel so bad.

Because of the blood drive I missed most of Econ so I had to go in Friday during SRT and make up a reading quiz thing. That wasn't bad but I also had a Pre-Calc quiz and an Environment Science test. I studied for Pre-Calc and think I did well. I really hope so because I have a D+ (69.05%) in that class. I need some good grades before report cards.

Other than that, it was a pretty decent week. Tonight is either Movies in the Park or the LC at Merrillville football game. Adios!


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