Monday, July 25, 2005

Every Good Show Needs a Nosy Grandma

For those of you that don't know (which is probably relatively few considering I talk about it all the time), I am watching the first season of Desperate Housewives on ABC now during the summer. I just finished episode 6 and if they take off Grandma Solis I will be mildly ticked off. She was great on the show and so different from all of the other characters. I don't know why, old and sneaky in one person was just fun to watch. She isn't in ABC's Bios section so I'm guessing she's not a permanent character. Then again, neither are Bre & Rex's kids.

Speaking of Bre & Rex's kids, Andrew is another one of my favorite characters. He hit her with his car so hopefully we'll get into his character more. There's more to him than just being ticked off at his parents...


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