Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sad (dead?) iPod

A few days ago, I turn on my iPod to get the sad iPod icon (literally, that's what it's called). This wasn't good. After some (and by some, I mean like an hour-and-a-half) hardcore Google searchage, I get the iPod to actually turn on. Okay, good step, right? Apparently not. Now my iPod will start but it has no songs on it. My playlists are still there but nothing is in them and there is nothing listed in the music folder.

I had restored it while trying to fix it so all the songs being gone isn't that weird. I hook it up to my computer and everything just completely stops working. My iPod doesn't do anything and my computer completely locks up. Not good. Restart the computer and plug in the iPod, same thing. Try this three more times over two days and same result.

This is a little bit of a hassle and dilemma for me. I'm taking it into the Apple store whenever the next time I can is (which will probably not be until after Spring Break sometime, or summer) and they are probably going to tell me that my hard drive died and they'll have to replace it. Now, since my iPod is fairly old (it's the version right before the color screens), I'm guessing it's going to be expensive to fix. Probably expensive enough to where it would make more sense just to buy a new iPod, which I really don't want to do either. Anybody have any suggestions?


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