Thursday, October 14, 2004

College, Here I Come!

So Yesterday I called my mom and told her that I was going to Melanie's after play practice because we're (well mostly she's) making programs for the improv show. Mom is all like good, have fun and sing well at Andora's (we had a Counterpoint & Treb performance that night too). Then she calls me back and is says, "Oh yeah, you got this big envelope from Purdue admissions office that says 'congratulations' in big bold letters on front." I was ecstatic to say the least. Not that Purdue is a huge deal to get into, but it's still very exciting. So that made me happy. That and Melanie's dad bought us pizza.

Today was pretty blah. There was a sub in my SRT in which I am an aide. In Environment Science I did nothing for an hour and then took notes for 20 minutes. I'm so glad Hillary and Kristen are in that class with me. It would be so unbearable without them. My sister got a new computer today (stupid Sims 2!) so I have to install that and get it all set up, even though she's grounded until next Monday. It's nice and I want to use it.

Well, tonight is the improv show. It is Melanie's last improv show at Lake Central. That is so sad. There might be other people in her group who are my friends but I can't think of who now. I know Ferrini is in it but she has next year to do improv. There is also a whole bunch of good TV on tonight (I know I talk about it a lot, but that's because I'm addicted). Will & Grace, Apprentice, ER, life as we know it. Good good night. I'm going to have a lot of TV makeup to do this weekend.

Ooh, this weekend. I'm going on a sort of double date with Lizzie on Saturday. The whole point of the date is to get Alex and Stephanie together but to make them feel comfortable Lizzie (who is good friends with Stephanie) and JT (Alex's cousin) were going to double date. Now JT can't go and I told Lizzie I would go cuz it sounded like fun. Of course that's the day Melanie's mom is at the dunes telling stories and everybody's going and I will have to miss it, but we're seeing Ladder 49 which looks really good. Oh yeah, and going along with that I'm not Jewish. My name is Sam Ffuh. When said it sounds Jewish-ish. Actually more Middle Eastern-ish but you all get my drift. Choir, fun times. <-Wow, never thought I would say that!

Well, that's all of my boring little life for now. Adios!


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