Monday, August 29, 2005

College Beginnings

Well, today I did it. Today marks the first day that I did not do a homework assignment for college. Wow, that only took six days. I was a little better in high school about this. I didn't purposefully not do it. My last English class was Friday at 2:30 and was the last class of the day out of four. I only had an hour or two to relax between classes that day (and it was decently hot out that day) and I was so tired that I kept drifting off during class and think I may have full-blown fallen asleep at one point. The last two days in English have been frustrating. Him asking us questions and then saying, "Well, you could see it that way... but this is how it really is." I hate teachers that "teach" like that so I have been not paying attention a lot. Today, he said hand in your three to four paragraph papers and I had nothin. Oh well, we write 8,000+ words in the class and this was only about 300 and wasn't a major assignment (well, it wasn't on the syllabus, another reason I missed it because I actually pay attention to that). Oh well, so begins the college life I guess.


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