Sunday, August 14, 2005

In With the New

Well, last night was my first night of sleeping in college. It took forever to fall asleep but I think that was because it was so exciting. Last night, Mike and I got all of our stuff moved in and I think we're all set on that front. We were just hanging out and a few people came into our dorm (that's what happens when you leave your door open) to say hi and introduce themselves. That was cool. We met our neighbors across the hall. One is Mike and the other name starts with a D. Then Kate Howe called and she came over to our room for a while. We got bored in our room so we went down to the Tarkington Common room thing (mainly because it has a/c). After a while there, at about midnight, we walked Kate back to her dorm. Then, Mike and I decided to explore campus a little bit. We went to the bell tower and then to the fountain. Almost ran through but didn't. Then we were just kind of randomly walking and eventually ended up by our dorm. We went inside and went to bed around 1.

This morning we slept until like 11:30. Well, Mike's alarm went off at 9 and we were both already up but for some reason both of us went back to sleep. When his alarm went off, he jumped out of bed to get it. Since there isn't much room to jump on our bed, he totally hit his head on the ceiling. He's fine but it was pretty funny. Then we just kind of hung out. The showers I may never get used to. It's just weird. Anyway, we're waiting for a bunch of people to move down today and rumor has it we are doing something with them. College is going to be amazing.

Weird Things I Have to Get Used To:
-Locking my door everything I leave the room
-Being able to do anything I Want
-Showers and Bathrooms
-Not Having A/C (though, right now, it's quite comfortable)
-Random People Walking in my Room (which I do like though)
-Not Having my Car
-Not Having the People from Back Home


Anonymous toni poteres said...

here is something else to add to your list of things getting use too...
not having to drive toni poteres around because she is all the way in iowa and you miss her very very much!
sam seriously, this is going to be the first time in like 8 years we wont see eachother like everyday... to me this is upsetting...good luck!

2:58 PM  

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