Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Eliminating Waste

WARNING: This is a rant and will most likely be long.

Today, while sitting in the School of Management Advising Office, I realize how much waste there is. Mostly, wasting of my time and helping me become angry. Now, I know that it is only an advising office but they should still make some accommodations for students since that is who they are there to serve. I came up with a list of the things I found wrong with the Management Advising Office while I was waiting for my appointment. Don't get me wrong, I love my advisor and I do not think this problem extends to advisors. All these problems are front-end problems and the actual advisors aren't even involved, so don't think I am taking a shot at them.

1) I call the appointment line and get told different things every time. One time, I was told I need to come in to make an appointment even though it was something as simple as the classes I picked for Spring semester weren't offered, so I needed to put different ones in there. The man wouldn't give me a reason why, he just said that that's how it's done. I called the next day and a lady told me I could make the appointment over the phone with no problem.

2) The front desk is in total chaos if there is more than one person at it. When I got there, I was the fifth person in "line." Nobody knew where the lines were going since there was nothing to tell us. The receptionist was completely overwhelmed and just wanted to pull her hair out. THERE WERE ONLY FIVE PEOPLE THERE! IT SHOULDN'T BE HARD!

3) I had to check-in twice. First, I have to check-in with the receptionist. She marks that I am here. Then I have to go to a computer to check-in... even though I just checked in with the receptionist (more on the computer in #4). Wouldn't one be enough? To top it off, advisors don't ask the receptionist anything, they just come out and look for you. I sincerely doubt they check the computer either, but maybe they do before they leave their office (which, again, I doubt because advisors come out all the time looking for people who aren't there).

4) Here's when I just about went insane. The computer check-in. First off, I have to type in my name, even though they knew I was supposed to be there two weeks ago and could have put my name up on the screen to just click. Then, they make me type in my Social Security Number. This is linked to my name in Purdue's system, shouldn't the computer be able to figure it out. Then, I select my advisor. My advisor is, once again, linked to me in Krannert's system (and I even told them which advisor I wanted to meet with over the phone and they made an appointment for that advisor. Then, to top it off, it asks me what the purpose of this appointment is. Once again, I TOLD THEM THAT ON THE PHONE. All of this should already be in the computer, waiting for me to just tell the computer I am there. At my orthodontist, I make the appointment over the phone and give them all my information and, when I go in, my name is on the screen, I click it, and it says Thank You! Please have a seat. The doctor will be with you shortly. There is no reason I should have to give all that information twice.

5) Lastly, the advising office CLOSES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLASS DAY! From 12-1pm, the advising desk is closed and an appointment cannot be made. Now, considering Krannert is the most inconvenient building on campus (especially from the dorms) and that students would never be near it unless they have a class in there or are at the Union for something, they should be open while students are sure to be on campus. This way, since we have to go in to make certain appointments, we can go in any time between classes, when it's convenient for us. I understand that people need to eat lunch. That's fine. Can't we at least get a student aide or somebody in there to simply write down appointments. I can't imagine it's that hard (after all, we give all the information to the computer before our appointment anyway).

I understand what people have been telling me about the MAO now. I don't blame people for not wanting to deal with them. I hate dealing with the front desk but I have to. I would love to see what they are doing while they're asking me these questions on the phone. The just plain shouldn't, since I will just have to tell them later. To me, that's a waste of my time. Advisors don't want their time wasted and neither do the students. We have homework, papers, projects, online homework, and classes to deal with, and I think that is enough without having to find time to hike over to Krannert for them to waste our time.


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