Monday, October 31, 2005


Today is Halloween ( I say that like you don't know it already). As expected, some people on campus were dressed up. Unfortunately, none of my teachers were. I was looking forward to Dr. DeVault being a Stephen's Kangaroo Rat or California Gnatcathcer, but, alas, he was not.

There is a dancing ninja walking around campus (complete with his own boom box). Also, the awesome guy that works the swipe-in machine for breakfast was dressed in drag. This guy is like 60 too so it was freakin' awesome!

Last night, Me, Garrett, Ross, and Mike decorated our floor for Halloween. I'll take some pictures tonight (with Mike's digital camera) and put them on here. It turned out awesome and the hallway decorating contest is our bitch. We even have a 4' inflatable mummy. Honestly, there's no competition. Tonight, the trick-or-treaters are coming around. We are all ready with the candy and the little sign to hang on our door.

I think we're getting a scary movie for tonight but that is still being worked out.


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