Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seriously, Can You Pull Over a Bike?!

Today, walking to class, I heard a screeching sound and turned around to see if there was going to be an accident. Well, all I saw was a police car in the left turning lane and a bike on the left side of it, both just sitting there. I look back maybe 20 seconds later and see the cop to the side of the road with his lights on and the bike in front of him. He then proceeds out of his car and talks to the guy on his bike.

Now, everybody is thinking "Of course cops can pull over bikers! They have to follow the same rules as cars on the roads, we learned that in Drivers Ed." Well, apparently you have never seen this sight. It is rather funny to see a cop car with flashing lights pulling over a bicycle. I should have gotten a picture on my phone but I didn't think of it.


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