Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Final #1 of 3 - Math

I took my math final today. Yeah... it owned me. It owned me good. I completely guessed on six of the questions. Now, you may be thinking educated guess. Well, let's take that idea a different direction like, "Sam had no idea and randomly just filled in a bubble." There we go, now you're on the right track. Keep in mind too, that six questions is 1/6 of the final, an entire letter grade! Actually, now that I think about it, two! Well, here's to hoping for a C.

Tonight I'm going over to Tri Delta to study some Environmental Conservation so it doesn't have the satisfaction of owning me like the math final did. Then I'm up late studying for Psychology. I've pretty much just accepted the fact that math will have to share its ownership of me with psychology. Somewhere in there I'll pack because I'm leaving right after my Psych final on Wed. (which ends at 3:00). I'll do it when my eyes are starting to go cross-eyed from looking at the notebook for so long. Yay finals week!


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