Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I Just Want Life to be Simple

WARNING: This is a rant by me similar to the October rant of Eliminating Waste.

You have been warned.

Today, I got a message on Purdue's voicemail. I haven't used Purdue's voicemail forever (hello, I have a cell phone) so I don't remember how anything works except how to log in since I do it whenever I see our little message light blinking.

Well, I log in, and it tells me to press 7 to play my messages. Um... why else would I call my voicemail?! Why can't they just play my messages for me. And after the message is done playing, it takes forever for the lady to come on and tell me what buttons to press (like to delete, keep as new, etc.). It just seems like it could be a little easier.


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