Monday, November 14, 2005

You Get to Help Me Get an A in Psychology!

Here's the deal. I got a C on my last Psychology exam. Now, with the two exams, I have a B in the class. I have an A in attendance (10% of grade) though so it's now up to a high B. The final exam is not cumulative and is worth the same as all the other exams (30%). I can get my last exam grade up from a C to a B if I do some extra credit. So, here's how it works and here is where you come in:

The experiment is to write a one-page paper on a person on television/in a movie with a psychological disorder. Now, all the rest is up to me and there's no use telling you what I have to do since nobody knows the difference between an Axis I and Axis II disorder, let alone has even heard those terms. I need you to tell me what movies/tv shows you watch where you think one of the characters has a psychological disorder (something you would go to a shrink for).

Any help is so greatly appreciated! I need to write ten of these so any input is greatly appreciated!


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