Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gotta Love Psych 120!

Today, at the end of my psychology class, our professor said to get out a half-sheet of paper and we were going to do an experiment. She said, "If you could do one thing, with absolute, complete, 100% assurance you would never get caught or that nobody would ever know you did anything, what would you do?" So, we write our things down and pass them to the middle where the T.A.s collect them. There were a lot of expectable ones like "Rob a bank." but then things got a little more interesting.

"Fire my Computer Science 290 professor." (lots of applauding)

"Kill Paris Hilton. What a slut." (lots of laughter)

"Have sex with the T.A." (laughter and not knowing if it was to the guy or girl... and who wrote it)

Then, Dr. Donnelley picks one up and looks at it for a few seconds. "I'm not going to read that one." Well, of course, the entire class starts yelling to read it. She thinks about it for a second and then says, "Well, I won't read it but maybe he can read it." She hands the piece of paper to a guy in the first row and puts the microphone in his face. After a few seconds, he replies, "I'm not reading that."

By this time, the entire class is screaming for someone to read it. So I, sitting in the second row, tell Dr. Donnelley that I will read it. So, she hands me the paper and puts the mic in my face. I read the paper to myself first and here's what I read:

"After speaking to my boss, I would grab my dick and
slap her in the face and say fuck you get back to work."

Well, I'm a little confused now but the entire class is waiting to hear it so I start talking into the microphone:

"After speaking to my boss, I would grab my... male part and
slap her in the face and say f you get back to work."

Everybody starts laughing hysterically. I was a little embarrassed. It was only in front of my Psychology class though. All 489 of them.


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