Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Final #3 of 3 - Psychology

Well, even though I was worried most about this final, I feel most confident about this final. I think I did very well. It was weird taking a final in the track & field building though with just 1,000 folding chairs with desks.

Oh yeah, and this one TA, instead of using the microphone to make announcements she just yelled them out. Anyone more than 10 rows in front of her couldn't hear her so she had to repeat her announcements at least 5 times. And since they kept finding problems on the pink exam (thank God I had blue) she did this like 4 times during the exam. So instead of bothering us for a minute with the microphone she interrupted us for five minutes by walking up and down the aisle yelling directions. That seemed just ridiculous but I guess some people aren't as smart as I. :-)


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