Monday, January 09, 2006

Those Crazy Math Teachers

First day of classes today... going well so far. My entrepreneurship teacher seems pretty cool. It's his first time ever teaching and he's "just stealing everything [his] wife does because I don't know what I'm doing and she's got it down and it's workin' for her."

My math class is 200 kids and that's not cool but the teacher is frickin' awesome! He's hilarious! I've never had a math teacher that's been that much fun before. Anyway, I still have my speech class later today but then I'm done.

Math Teacher Quotes:

"I know 11:30 is early for some of you buy you have to evaluate your drinking habits... ya bunch of drunks."

"We still have some kids lost in LILY from last semester who couldn't find their room. What drunk designed LILY anyway? You think you're in the right hallway but by the time you realize you aren't it's too late and you just have to throw your stuff down and spend the night because you can't make it back before dark."

"...and the book publishers, the rotten bastards, put out a new version every three years and we're forced to use it because they stop printing the old one so everytime the rotten bastards come out with a new book we have to change, those rotten bastards."


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