Monday, March 12, 2007

"The Riches"

I will admit, I was a little excited that I would be able to watch The Riches premier since I was going to be home on Spring Break. This show is TERRIBLE!! There is nothing here to grasp on to except a plot line that doesn't fit together. The show was advertised to be about a family who was experiencing a little bad luck that moved into a millionaire's home and pretended to be them.

Fast forward to the premier. All of a sudden, the show has Minnie Driver as a heroine addict, a son who's not sure if he is gay or not, a man trying to convince the wife to leave her husband and, last but certainly not least, some guy hunting the family for money.

This was painful to watch, which was why I didn't watch the full hour-and-fifteen-minutes. I kept switching the channel and coming back. I give the show three months. It can't touch Dirt with a ten-foot pole, and, even though I love Dirt, that's saying something!


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