Saturday, October 16, 2004

Good Days Ahead

So the past three days have been great. On Wednesday I got accepted to Purdue, on Thursday I got accepted to Ball State, and on Friday I got a job. It is just my week. Now watch, next week will suck but at least I'm happy now. This job is at Hoffman Real Estate. I'm just like an office dude and get files ready, input stuff into the computer, and make copies. I even get to talk to clients about houses and stuff. There is so much crap to learn though! I was there three hours today and all I learned was about paychecks, making copies, pulling some basic sheets, and voicemail (oh my God the voicemail!). I am going to have trouble with that I can tell. Brad does everything so second nature by now but he has been there a year. After a month or so I'm sure it will be all good but until then I think my head might explode while trying to learn everything there is. Just so you have an idea of what I am talking about, there is a 5" binder filled with office procedures. That is complete and utter madness. Oh well. Should be fun. I have to go in Monday & Tuesday after play practice and I'm going to learn some more stuff.

So Me, Mike, Melanie, Amanda Keene, Ferrini, and Anne went to Applebee's on Friday and then went over to the game where we met some more people. It started raining and therefore was very cold but we stayed until the end, only because it was out last game of our high school careers. LC lost 36-0. That was upsetting. The band during half-time was really good though. They had these windows that filled with smoke. It was neat.

After that we went to this 5th Quarter thing at Suncrest church. I drove Mike and Melanie. I missed the street so had to make a three point turn in the middle of the road. There were no driveways anywhere and I was starting to not know where I was going. Mike and Melanie were no help cuz they were lost as soon as I turned off 41. They had a band and free food. I had pizza and a coke. It was good. The band was pretty good. But it was late and we were all tired and they were loud. That's not a good combination. But if it had been during the day I would have enjoyed them much much more. Afterwards I took Melanie back to her car (she left it at Applebee's) and then she took Mike home. That was a fun day.

Then Saturday (today, actually) I went to church for the work day and they didn't even end up mounting the projector so there was no point in me going anyway. All I did was getting the podium mic working (which is very good). But then I left and went to Lemon Lake to record Girls Cross Country for DVD Yearbook. It was terrible. They kept running into the forest and would pop out at random spots. They would all run in together and then they would pop out at three different places at the same time. It was madness. I tried to follow the running masses of people but that didn't turn out too well. And by the time I ran back to the finish line (which I didn't know they even had) half of the racers had already finished. Ugh. I'm going to have to ask Miss Downey if she has any footage (which I know she does because she had a camera). Hopefully between hers and mine we'll have the 20 seconds we need. Oh, and it was cold and windy. Then, it had the audacity to rain! That's right. Rain. It wasn't fun. Then I went to work for a few hours and got very confused, as I have already elaborated on.

Lizzie is supposed to call me cuz me, her, Stephanie, and Alex are supposed to do something but she hasn't called me yet and it's supposed to start in like 20 minutes. She had something going on 6-7 so I would assume she would have called me before that to let me know what was going on. Hmmm... Maybe I could have gone with Melanie to the dunes to hear her mom storytell. That would have been fun. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Adios.


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