Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Customer Service

Okay, maybe because I'm going into business and at my job I work with customer service this bugs me more than it does most people, but I have to rant.

Today, I was heading to work after a day at the Museum of Science & Industry. I slept on the bus too so I was a little tired (between that still sleeping feeling and walking around for 5 hours). I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts on 41 to get an Iced Latte. I drive up to the drive through and this is how my conversation with the little box went (abridged):

Box-"OK, can help you?"
Me-"Yes, I would like an French Vanilla Iced Latte please."
Box-"Cold or hot?" (what did he think iced meant?)
Box-"What seige?" (huh? Are we under attack?)
Me- (after I realized I didn't tell him the size and that's what he was asking) "Small."
Box-"OK, lkjadsfl;kjhasdf;ljhasdf;lnacpuinwfgpioahv"

I'm guessing he told me the total and to pull up to the window to pay since that seemed to be the appropriate spot to do it, but I honestly did not understand a single word he said.

I expect to be able to understand people at a place I patronize. Is that too much to ask? Should I have to sit there and try to decipher what somebody said to figure out how much an Iced Latte cost? I really don't think so. If nothing else people, realize that you will stop getting customers because they have no idea what your staff is saying. Like me, since I could not understand half of what came out of the little box, I will probably not stop and go through that drive thru again. It only takes one bad experience. Even if a customer has had several good experiences, this last bad one will be the one to stick out in their mind. I'll still go inside, but if I want something quick (like I did today, on my way to work), it would take too long to stop and go inside.

And to top things off, he didn't ask "Is that all?" which, to me, in a fast food restaurant is unacceptable. Maybe he said it but I didn't understand it.


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