Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Last Semester of High School

Well, I'm sitting at work with nothing to do. They are in the conference room so maybe when they come out I'll have something to do. It can't take too long though. I have American Idol and West Wing tonight! (I know, make fun of me. Please do. It would make me feel a lot better).

So on white days, I only switch one class. I switch from Environmental Science to World Lit. Ashley Murray and Jeremey are in my class so at least I know some people. It's not a bad class but we're already taking a quiz tomorrow, which I totally forgot about until just now. Whoops.

Blue day had three changes. Second period I now have Computer Apps. They only person I really know is Colleen Calhoun from Pre-Cal but I sit very far from her (C-H, see how that works). I think the class might be boring though. Well, actually, today I was hoping the monitor would explode in my face just so it would all be over (okay, so I'm dramatic). That's not a good indication. 3rd Period is wonderful Government which doesn't seem all that bad. I have Kyle, Kaitlyn, Toni, D, Jessica Gower, Nikki Carlton, and Jen in my class. It should be interesting. And, with B lunch I now have it with Mike, Amy, Melanie, and Beth. Just like 8th grade. Oh the memories. Then on to fourth period anatomy. It seems kind of hard but Ms. Hoban seems alright. Not the greatest but not even close to the worst. I have Anita and Kate Howe in that class so I'm all set there. Today dragged though.

Then I went home and got stamps for work to come in and see Ashley sitting here putting on stamps that she didn't have. Oh well, Paul paid me back so I guess it was no big deal. I know how much of a dork I am, but the Schererville Post Office was so cool. I can't explain why, it is just neat.

So, this Saturday I am going to see All Shook Up at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago. I am so excited. It's the first play I've ever gotten my family to (besides Scooby-Doo Live in Stagefright). Hopefully this will inspire them to see more. Plus, it's Elvis music so who wouldn't like that, especially our family who are Elvis nuts. Anyway, that is all that is going on now. They came out of the conference room with nothing for me to do so I'm going to leave. Ooh, Pam likes American Idol too! (Pam is one of the agents that works with the Hoffmans, shes #2 behind Paul & Joann.) Now I can talk about it at work and people won't give me weird looks or have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure I'll still get the weird looks, but I can handle that.


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