Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A College Visit and Play Practice

So the past few days haven't been too exciting. I went to Amanda Y's on Saturday and we carved pumpkins. That was exciting since it was the first time I had ever carved a pumpkin. I've been told I did when I was little but don't remember it. I think it turned out very well considering it was my first time.

Then on Sunday I went to church and then had Pastor Appreciation on Sunday night. I worked sound cuz I thought the youth would go upstairs but they didn't. Oh well, a change of scenery.

On Monday I went to visit Purdue. I didn't end up going to first hour because it seemed pointless. Purdue looks awesome. The dorm rooms are very small though. Very small. Not sure if I can handle that. But as long as it has A/C I think I'll be okay. We went and talked to everybody we needed to and got a tour around campus. It seems awesome. I saw Cassie down there too just randomly riding a bike down one of the sidewalks. It was very cool. I really miss her. I got back and went to counterpoints on Monday night. I was a little late but the play people were later so I was good.

On Tuesday I got back to school and got caught up. I have notecards due tomorrow but I don't want to do them. And anyway, he's going to give me back the points if they get turned in with the paper. So it seems kind of pointless to get them done early. Our paper is probably due sometime soon. I should check into that. Anyway, we had play practice today and did a full run-through which was neat. They blocked curtain call so I had to get that but that was simple. I also realized how much people are in the show and not backstage. It's sad. Oh, I was also supposed to work today but they somehow read my schedule that I only had play practice Monday and Thursday. Maybe I wrote it down confusing. I tend to do that and it makes sense to me and not other people. I should work on that. Hopefully I can go on Saturday. Anyway, at practice Toni and Shaina asked (well, Toni technically asked) who I liked and then they guessed right too! Am I that obvious? Anyway, that was kind of surprising. Oh well, going to bed now. Adios!


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