Saturday, October 23, 2004

Just A Week

So this week has not been too eventful.

I worked Tuesday after play practice. Only for like two hours though but still did. It seems like fun.

Then Wednesday and Thursday had play practice. That was just as good as any other play practice. Did a lot with sound effects and what not. That was cool. Now we just need to work with lights so when we run across the stage we don't run into a platform and really kill ourselves.

Friday I went to the Dunes for a fieldtrip with Environment Science. We saw the same slide presentation that we did in 7th grade. Out guide was nice. We walked around this 3 mile trail and it was kinnda neat. Then we went to eat lunch in a pavilion and me, kristen, and hillary decided to go down this other trail that was there. Halfway down trail 9 we decided we want to go on trail 8 so we climbed up this steep and long hill that was not made for climbing. All the trees and stuff we grabbed onto kept coming out of the ground. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to do that but it was fun anyway. Then on the way back we climbed this giant sand dune and got very tired. It was a lot more fun climbing/rolling-ish down than climbing up.

Then later that night I went to the theatre hayride which was awesome! We were playing freeze tag before it started and mike chased me all the way around our little area. I am really out of shape but got away from him. Then, this other time, he showed up out of nowhere and I started to run, fell, rolled, and then he fell over me and kinnda rolled. I did suffer a slight injury from that (because of my watch) but it was still fun. Then we went on the actual hayride and told scary stories and played chinese telephone. Ah, the simple things in life.

Then after the hayride we went to Ferrini's to watch Poltergeist. Terrible movie. I fell asleep during it. I was really tired though. They woke me up at like 12 and asked what time I needed to be home and I said 12:30. They tried to get me up and going but it never really happened. I left at 12:15, took mike home, and got home around 12:45ish. Luckily, everyone was sleeping. They somehow knew I got home late though. It's annoying how parents do that. Anyway, they didn't care cuz I told them I fell asleep so all was good.

Today we went and ordered senior pictures. That was fun. I was supposed to work but nobody ever called me so I didn't do that. I'm going to visit Purdue on Monday so am going to leave school after first hour. That's nice since first hour is only DVD Yearbook. I enjoy that class so I figure I should just go to it. I'm going to miss Monday's practice for Sleepy Hollow but figure since I haven't missed any others I should be okay, even though we open like 3 days later. Oh well. Today I'm going to Amanda's house to hang out and what-not.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, you so need to make these journal entries juicier! I'm just sayin'. ta!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what .... read someone else's journal if you care if it's juicy or not ... goodness, don't go criticizing other people's journals.

1:05 AM  

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