Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Not Too Much Going On

So the past week or so has been kind of just blah. Nothing too exciting happened.

We had our play which I suppose is exciting. Four performances in one weekend is a lot though. I really just wanted to sleep forever after them. Melanie and Mike did awesome. As did Amanda Keene doing all the cues and what not. Everything didn't go perfect, but everyone did very well. They announced the musical which is 'Footloose' (irony?) and I have mixed feelings about that. I have never seen the movie but parts I have seen look pretty good. I guess there is this play version of it though that has more singing. We'll see how that goes. I have to decide soon if I want to do the musical or not.

I have been working more lately. I worked Saturday and today, and work tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Today is the first time I got to work with Andrea. She is so much more fun to work with than Brad. She's just hilarious and one of those 'Oh Well' kind of people. We were also told we have to figure out schedules from now on because JoAnn doesn't want to and there have to be two people working every day. Then she said when trying to figure it out that we have to go by seniority. I said something to the effect of 'Well that means I'm screwed' and Andrea informed me that I have seniority over Ryan because he hates working and refers to the office as 'Hell's Vagina'. I found that pretty funny. It doesn't seem bad to work there. I kind of enjoy all the stuff we have to do and how fast paced it is. I worked on the Homes & Lifestyles 2-page ad today and man was it crazy. She called us with all these changes and she talks like a million words a minute. Then she faxed over the changes she told us on the phone but with other changes so I had to change it again. She had things cut and pasted all over it. Then to make things worse, the fax machine toner was going out so it was nearly impossible to read the fax. It all got done though and I would not be upset if I never saw another one of those again. It was fun though. Andrea also gave me advice on who to watch out for, who is mean, and who anybody would do anything for because they rock.

So I'm sure I did some other things since I last posted here but I can't remember that far back. If I think of anything else I'll update this post. Adios.


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