Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Southern California Here I Come

So, this weekend (well, Sunday through Tuesday, whatever you call that) was BPA State competition down in Indy. I love state competition, it's always a lot of fun hanging out with everybody. Anita S. came from last year and went out to lunch with us but I didn't talk to her much then because I was at a different table. I did talk to her and Ashley for a long time in their room though so that was neat. I miss that girl.

We got there Sunday and I took my two tests (more about that below). We were running late but it didn't affect anybody so that's good. Then we went shopping and had pizza back at the hotel. General Session 1 boring, like usual.

Monday was my CTA at 12. Joe and Andy had a contest so the alarm in our room went off at like 6:00 which didn't make Eric and me too happy but we just went right back to sleep. Got up, went to the mall, took my test, did my presentation since I made it to round two, and then had General Session 2. The special speaker was really funny and entertaining.

Tuesday morning had General Session 3 which is when they gave out all of the awards. We had to be packed and everything in the advisor's room by 8:20. Everybody in BPA down there had too (like 1200 kids). Needless to say, when I got in the shower at 7:40 there was absolutely no hot water. That was not enjoyable. But I got over it.

Then to the General Session. I took two tests down there (Presentation Management and Fundamentals of HTML) and got 3rd place in both which is enough to send me to Nationals in both!!! This year Nationals is in Anaheim, CA!!! How awesome is that! I am so excited. It's in the spring which the advisors say it's beautiful down there. I'm so excited. I've never been west of Texas so this is a big deal for me. Kate, Danielle, and Rachel are going which is awesome (although I wish Anita were going). It is going to be so much fun. I think we're planning what to do tomorrow during club. I'm suggesting Laguna Beach/Fashion Island (same thing supposedly), Hollywood Tour, and Universal Studios Hollywood. The special event is Disneyland which will be cool since I've never been there.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to show how excited I am about going to Southern California (I love saying that) and how much fun I had this weekend-ish!! Congratulations to everyone from BPA who made it to Nationals! Everybody did awesome and I had a great time in Indy. Tomorrow it's back to school. However, on the plus side, I get to take a warm shower. Adios!


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Yay Sam!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! :) You guys are going to have so much fun! I miss you guys so much - the good ol' BPA days :(! But it was great to see you :)! KIT! -Anita- :)

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