Saturday, March 19, 2005

My New Career

I saw Footloose for the first time tonight, well, at least I saw the second half and it was awesome. I'll probably talk more about it tomorrow after I see the whole thing. Anyway, after seeing Footloose last night, I am so tempted to change my career to Audio Technician. Seriously, was the pit even miked? I heard lots of drums. Lots of drums. Every once in a while, a little piano or bass guitar would spill out. I was only two rows in front of the pit which means I heard a lot of things the rest of the audience didn't. Unless they were miked and I was too close to the stage to hear. Tonight I'll sit further back in the audience and see if that makes a difference.

There were also times when the mics didn't even turn on or were very slow to turn on. During the finale, Warren, Sam B., and Keene went up and started a different song. They sang maybe four lines from it and their mics never turned on. I only heard them because they were about 5 feet from me. Also, when people come by each other, especially when they're singing, they need to be balanced. You can't have them facing each other so the mics are facing each other too. It's disastrous and I heard three spots of feedback that was (very quickly) gotten rid of before it started looping too badly during Almost Paradise.

Anyway, those are my complaints. Not bad considering I think I am super critical when it comes to theatre and I'm turning into an audiophile (which I don't consider a bad thing). Tonight I'll probably rave about how well everybody did since I'll see the whole thing. Plus, it's closing night so everybody should be really good by now ;-).


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