Sunday, May 08, 2005

Freshmen Shows

So, the Freshman show is all over and I had a blast. My cast (Matt, Amber, Sam, Elly, Greg, Diana and Blake) did an awesome job. They are sometimes hard on themselves, but we only had one month to get a show together and they took initiative and got lines memorized, blocking memorized, and intonation/facials memorized a lot quicker than Shaina or I expected. We never even had to tell them to memorize lines! It was so much fun even when we weren't practicing. Whether it was Matt threatening to make Blake sterile or everybody playing hackey sack (which they did a lot of), everybody got along and, hopefully, had a blast. They also got Shaina and I a gift on closing night, which I thought was awesome since neither of us expected it (btw, the cookies are completely gone and were awesome). It was an awesome experience and now I can see why the Neth's are so proud of theatre. It is such an awesome feeling to see your cast do well and be proud of themselves.


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