Friday, June 03, 2005

Graduation and so forth

As of yesterday evening, I am no longer a senior. That's right... after never-ending traffic, getting to the staging area late, and not knowing I had to check in with a lady I had never seen before, I graduated. I am officially out of high school but not yet in college. It's a weird feeling to be in-between schools now. I know between 8th grade and freshman year we were between schools, but they were all still Lake Central, so it never felt like this big of a gap. Am I the only one that feels this? Anyway, graduation was very cool (not literally, the star plaza was very hot). Lots of talking and Christina's speech was very funny. All the speeches were very good and memorable, especially Mrs. Platt, who I am convinced was wasted or on some major drugs.

Summer official started today, in my mind at least, with Movie in the Park. It was my first one ever and it was very cool. I came home afterwards because I am going to work with my dad tomorrow. Oh yeah, my boss got her hands on the awesome schedule Jen & I put together. I went from 18 hours next week to 8. That isn't good news but I'll get over it... it is summer after all so I shouldn't be complaining.

I also got my first cleaning kick today (usually those don't start until the second month of summer). I cleaned all my dressers and floor of my closet. Next it's the rest of the closet and all the stuff on the floor/under my bed.

Tomorrow starts all the graduation parties that last steadily for the next month and then sporadically for the month after that. I am really looking forward to those. I'm going to head to bed so I can wake up tomorrow morning. Adios!


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