Thursday, April 27, 2006

Air Drums Are Cool, Dude

I'm sitting in the lobby of my Residence Hall right now finishing up a project (I'm in the lobby to get rid of distractions, mainly the TV). Anyway, there is this rather large kid a few chairs in front of me that is listening to music on his laptop. Okay, cool. Most people are doing homework but it's cool if you want to come down here and listen to some music (and I am positive he's not doing homework, I can see his screen and it just switches between AIM and iTunes).

So far normal, right. Right. Well, the thing is he keeps on drumming in thin air. Now we all play air guitar and stuff, but not in public. This is something you do in the privacy of your room with the door locked when your roomate is in class (not that I've ever done it). He drums for like 20 or 30 seconds, looks around and stops.

Now, doing this once I can maybe see. But he's done it 6 times! OMG! So perfect! He just started again!

Oh well, I needed a break from my project and I thought you would like to know this.


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