Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last Night...

Last night was a night full of firsts. When I got to Alpha Xi Delta, I got a mug shot taken, fingerprinted and handcuffed. Then, I got on a bus and went to a dance. The dance was awesome. I got caressed and danced on by Purdue Pete (yeah, you're jealous). Then I had my first experience at Harrison Grille.

Last night was AWESOME!


Blogger Nicholas said...

Glad you're having a great time at PU Sam! I'll be sure to look you up when I'm in the neighborhood! ttyl!


3:37 PM  
Blogger Sam Huff said...

I think you should. If I ever make it down to Indy (which isn't likely being that I would have to walk) I will be hittin' you up!

10:05 AM  

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