Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Stuff and Turning 20

Turning 20
Today I'm 20 years old. Not really a big deal (what good is 20) but I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm sure that has some kind of meaning to me that I just don't really realize.

New Phone
My dad's phone completely died two days ago. Wouldn't even turn on. Mom said our contract was up the begining of the month so we went out and all got new phones. It's crazy how expensive it is to upgrade phones. We're all done now though and have brand new phones. I have a Black RAZR. I know, I always said I didn't want one because everybody has one. Well, I think I've figured out why everybody has one. It was the only cool phone Cingular (yes Cingular, I refuse to call it AT&T) has. The only other phone I wanted was the Samsung Blackjack but it was almost $200 and it wasn't that cool.

New iPod
Also, since my iPod died about three months ago, I got a new iPod for my birthday. I got the black 30gig. I did the refurbished thing and got both an iPod and the two-year extended warranty for the same price as a new iPod. It'll probably come while we're in Indy. Figures.

Do-It Best May Market
Leaving for Indianapolis today for the Do-It Best May Market for work. I'm there Friday-Tuesday. On Saturday night we go to the Indianapolis Speedway for an exclusive tour of the track, a garage tour, open admission to the Hall of Fame Museum, a buffet-style dinner, and a chance to meet Dario Franchitti. I don't know who he is but he sounds important in the world of racing. I know, I don't like racing either, but the speedway has always fascinated me. Apparently, Vatican City, the Roman Coliseum, the Kentucky Derby track, the entire Wimbledon campus, the Rose Bowl Stadium AND Yankee Stadium can all fit inside the Indianapolis Speedway. Sounds pretty cool to me.

New Orleans
I get back from Indy on Tuesday and our family leaves Friday to go to New Orleans. It's the first time my mom, sister and I have been there. Dad has been there once before. My dad is working down there for a week and the boss is flying our family down and the three of us will be there Friday-Monday. I'm totally stoked for this trip. We're staying in the heart of the French Quarter and only a block away from Bourbon Street. Jackson square is like three blocks away. It's going to be amazing!


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