Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Student Council Teacher Awards

And the winners are...

Most Control of Class
Mr. Smith
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Nicholson

Most Challenging Academically
Mr. Smith
Mr. Lettiere
Mr. Moore

Class that will Help You Most after High School
(4-way tie)
Mr. Elston
Mr. Holden
Mr. Lettiere
Mr. Sherman

Most Involved/Seen at After School Functions
Mr. Sherman
Mrs. Iwema
Mr. Clark / Mrs. Crooks (2-way tie)

Most Knowledgeable about Subject
Mrs. Loden
Mr. Fredrick
Mrs. Randolph

Most Creative Teacher
Mr. Holden
Mr. Angel
Miss Helmer

Teacher You Will Remember most After High School
Mr. Holden
Miss Caudle
Mrs. Miller

There you go. After counting over 850 returned ballots, this is what the student body of Lake Central voted. It was a blast doing this for the past two years and I will, sadly, miss it next year.


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