Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weathermen and their Words

So, I like to know weird and random facts. Most people who know me know this (if you don't believe me, ask me the difference between a Evacuation A or Evacuation B at Disneyworld). Anyway, when the weather report is given on TV I always thought the weatherman just said that it looks like it's going to be breezy so he called it breezy. Anyway, it turns out that wind and cloud cover have official terms.

For example, if there were going to be sustained winds of 23mph I would call it windy (windy is 20-30mph).

If there is a 30% PoP (probability of precipitation) there is a chance of rain. There will also be scattered rain.

45% cloud cover? It's Partly Cloudy/Sunny

So yeah, you might think I'm a dork but I find this information fascinating. If you are weird like me and think it's interesting, check this out.


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