Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Know Your Customer

Granted I am going into business so I tend to notice these things, but I believe there is a lesson here for everyday life. You have to know who your customer is. Where are they from, what do they do, how do they act, how do they talk, etc. For example, I normally hate it when I leave a purchase counter and the clerk says anything other than "Have a nice day" with a big smile on his/her face (even if it is fake and forced, at least they are trying).

However, out at the store my dad manages in Portage, it's not anything like that. Most of the people who come in are roofer guys who are ultra-manly (whatever that means). They don't say "thank you" (thanks) or "have a nice day" (take care). So, when I ring them up, I don't say thank you or have a nice day either. What do I say? "Take care." I know, I hate it, but that is the type of people we have out here. However, when a woman comes in, I always say "Have a nice day" with that big smile. They always say "You too" with that same smile. Completely opposites yet coming in the same store and we have to cater equally to both of them. And if you ask me, we pull; it off quite well.

It's taken me some time to realize all of this. I have been working out here Saturdays for the past month. Once I realized it though, the change happened immediately. That's how it needs to happen, you can't wait or you'll loose the customer forever and that is not what we want in the middle of a store remodel/restocking.


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