Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cowardly Terrorists

So you can say whatever you want about the Iraq war, but this just proves that terrorists are cowards and the scum of the earth:

"And in the southern city of Basra, gunmen killed an Iraqi journalist working for a U.S.-funded TV station and his 3-year-old son as they left their home."
(2/9/2005, Reid, The Associated Press)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Iraq Elections

Refering to the Iraqi Election this past weekend, David Brooks (NY Times) put it best:

"In fact, these are a people who voted at higher rates in the face of death than we do in the face of inconvenience. These are a people who have used the campaign as a process of therapy and self-education. These people have just built the most democratic government in the Arab world."

They all knew very well that they may not come back from the polls alive, but an amazing 72% of those who could voted. We're excited when we get 50% and no one is threatning to kill us! It seems that even though the Iraqis have never experienced freedom, they understand it better than us.

Christmas is Over

So, Christmas is finally over in the Huff household. Well, not so much as the house, just the computer room. I finally took down the Christmas tree. I guess it was time. I just hate to see it go, but Mom was threatening to not pay for college if I didn't get it down. Stupid priorities.