Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A College Visit and Play Practice

So the past few days haven't been too exciting. I went to Amanda Y's on Saturday and we carved pumpkins. That was exciting since it was the first time I had ever carved a pumpkin. I've been told I did when I was little but don't remember it. I think it turned out very well considering it was my first time.

Then on Sunday I went to church and then had Pastor Appreciation on Sunday night. I worked sound cuz I thought the youth would go upstairs but they didn't. Oh well, a change of scenery.

On Monday I went to visit Purdue. I didn't end up going to first hour because it seemed pointless. Purdue looks awesome. The dorm rooms are very small though. Very small. Not sure if I can handle that. But as long as it has A/C I think I'll be okay. We went and talked to everybody we needed to and got a tour around campus. It seems awesome. I saw Cassie down there too just randomly riding a bike down one of the sidewalks. It was very cool. I really miss her. I got back and went to counterpoints on Monday night. I was a little late but the play people were later so I was good.

On Tuesday I got back to school and got caught up. I have notecards due tomorrow but I don't want to do them. And anyway, he's going to give me back the points if they get turned in with the paper. So it seems kind of pointless to get them done early. Our paper is probably due sometime soon. I should check into that. Anyway, we had play practice today and did a full run-through which was neat. They blocked curtain call so I had to get that but that was simple. I also realized how much people are in the show and not backstage. It's sad. Oh, I was also supposed to work today but they somehow read my schedule that I only had play practice Monday and Thursday. Maybe I wrote it down confusing. I tend to do that and it makes sense to me and not other people. I should work on that. Hopefully I can go on Saturday. Anyway, at practice Toni and Shaina asked (well, Toni technically asked) who I liked and then they guessed right too! Am I that obvious? Anyway, that was kind of surprising. Oh well, going to bed now. Adios!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Just A Week

So this week has not been too eventful.

I worked Tuesday after play practice. Only for like two hours though but still did. It seems like fun.

Then Wednesday and Thursday had play practice. That was just as good as any other play practice. Did a lot with sound effects and what not. That was cool. Now we just need to work with lights so when we run across the stage we don't run into a platform and really kill ourselves.

Friday I went to the Dunes for a fieldtrip with Environment Science. We saw the same slide presentation that we did in 7th grade. Out guide was nice. We walked around this 3 mile trail and it was kinnda neat. Then we went to eat lunch in a pavilion and me, kristen, and hillary decided to go down this other trail that was there. Halfway down trail 9 we decided we want to go on trail 8 so we climbed up this steep and long hill that was not made for climbing. All the trees and stuff we grabbed onto kept coming out of the ground. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to do that but it was fun anyway. Then on the way back we climbed this giant sand dune and got very tired. It was a lot more fun climbing/rolling-ish down than climbing up.

Then later that night I went to the theatre hayride which was awesome! We were playing freeze tag before it started and mike chased me all the way around our little area. I am really out of shape but got away from him. Then, this other time, he showed up out of nowhere and I started to run, fell, rolled, and then he fell over me and kinnda rolled. I did suffer a slight injury from that (because of my watch) but it was still fun. Then we went on the actual hayride and told scary stories and played chinese telephone. Ah, the simple things in life.

Then after the hayride we went to Ferrini's to watch Poltergeist. Terrible movie. I fell asleep during it. I was really tired though. They woke me up at like 12 and asked what time I needed to be home and I said 12:30. They tried to get me up and going but it never really happened. I left at 12:15, took mike home, and got home around 12:45ish. Luckily, everyone was sleeping. They somehow knew I got home late though. It's annoying how parents do that. Anyway, they didn't care cuz I told them I fell asleep so all was good.

Today we went and ordered senior pictures. That was fun. I was supposed to work but nobody ever called me so I didn't do that. I'm going to visit Purdue on Monday so am going to leave school after first hour. That's nice since first hour is only DVD Yearbook. I enjoy that class so I figure I should just go to it. I'm going to miss Monday's practice for Sleepy Hollow but figure since I haven't missed any others I should be okay, even though we open like 3 days later. Oh well. Today I'm going to Amanda's house to hang out and what-not.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Late Night Website Finding

So I'm about to go watch West Wing but was on Onion.com and found this ad. I'm not condoning it or anything I just thought it was hilarious and just a darn creative idea.


I have to update this thing soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Good Days Ahead

So the past three days have been great. On Wednesday I got accepted to Purdue, on Thursday I got accepted to Ball State, and on Friday I got a job. It is just my week. Now watch, next week will suck but at least I'm happy now. This job is at Hoffman Real Estate. I'm just like an office dude and get files ready, input stuff into the computer, and make copies. I even get to talk to clients about houses and stuff. There is so much crap to learn though! I was there three hours today and all I learned was about paychecks, making copies, pulling some basic sheets, and voicemail (oh my God the voicemail!). I am going to have trouble with that I can tell. Brad does everything so second nature by now but he has been there a year. After a month or so I'm sure it will be all good but until then I think my head might explode while trying to learn everything there is. Just so you have an idea of what I am talking about, there is a 5" binder filled with office procedures. That is complete and utter madness. Oh well. Should be fun. I have to go in Monday & Tuesday after play practice and I'm going to learn some more stuff.

So Me, Mike, Melanie, Amanda Keene, Ferrini, and Anne went to Applebee's on Friday and then went over to the game where we met some more people. It started raining and therefore was very cold but we stayed until the end, only because it was out last game of our high school careers. LC lost 36-0. That was upsetting. The band during half-time was really good though. They had these windows that filled with smoke. It was neat.

After that we went to this 5th Quarter thing at Suncrest church. I drove Mike and Melanie. I missed the street so had to make a three point turn in the middle of the road. There were no driveways anywhere and I was starting to not know where I was going. Mike and Melanie were no help cuz they were lost as soon as I turned off 41. They had a band and free food. I had pizza and a coke. It was good. The band was pretty good. But it was late and we were all tired and they were loud. That's not a good combination. But if it had been during the day I would have enjoyed them much much more. Afterwards I took Melanie back to her car (she left it at Applebee's) and then she took Mike home. That was a fun day.

Then Saturday (today, actually) I went to church for the work day and they didn't even end up mounting the projector so there was no point in me going anyway. All I did was getting the podium mic working (which is very good). But then I left and went to Lemon Lake to record Girls Cross Country for DVD Yearbook. It was terrible. They kept running into the forest and would pop out at random spots. They would all run in together and then they would pop out at three different places at the same time. It was madness. I tried to follow the running masses of people but that didn't turn out too well. And by the time I ran back to the finish line (which I didn't know they even had) half of the racers had already finished. Ugh. I'm going to have to ask Miss Downey if she has any footage (which I know she does because she had a camera). Hopefully between hers and mine we'll have the 20 seconds we need. Oh, and it was cold and windy. Then, it had the audacity to rain! That's right. Rain. It wasn't fun. Then I went to work for a few hours and got very confused, as I have already elaborated on.

Lizzie is supposed to call me cuz me, her, Stephanie, and Alex are supposed to do something but she hasn't called me yet and it's supposed to start in like 20 minutes. She had something going on 6-7 so I would assume she would have called me before that to let me know what was going on. Hmmm... Maybe I could have gone with Melanie to the dunes to hear her mom storytell. That would have been fun. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Adios.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

College, Here I Come!

So Yesterday I called my mom and told her that I was going to Melanie's after play practice because we're (well mostly she's) making programs for the improv show. Mom is all like good, have fun and sing well at Andora's (we had a Counterpoint & Treb performance that night too). Then she calls me back and is says, "Oh yeah, you got this big envelope from Purdue admissions office that says 'congratulations' in big bold letters on front." I was ecstatic to say the least. Not that Purdue is a huge deal to get into, but it's still very exciting. So that made me happy. That and Melanie's dad bought us pizza.

Today was pretty blah. There was a sub in my SRT in which I am an aide. In Environment Science I did nothing for an hour and then took notes for 20 minutes. I'm so glad Hillary and Kristen are in that class with me. It would be so unbearable without them. My sister got a new computer today (stupid Sims 2!) so I have to install that and get it all set up, even though she's grounded until next Monday. It's nice and I want to use it.

Well, tonight is the improv show. It is Melanie's last improv show at Lake Central. That is so sad. There might be other people in her group who are my friends but I can't think of who now. I know Ferrini is in it but she has next year to do improv. There is also a whole bunch of good TV on tonight (I know I talk about it a lot, but that's because I'm addicted). Will & Grace, Apprentice, ER, life as we know it. Good good night. I'm going to have a lot of TV makeup to do this weekend.

Ooh, this weekend. I'm going on a sort of double date with Lizzie on Saturday. The whole point of the date is to get Alex and Stephanie together but to make them feel comfortable Lizzie (who is good friends with Stephanie) and JT (Alex's cousin) were going to double date. Now JT can't go and I told Lizzie I would go cuz it sounded like fun. Of course that's the day Melanie's mom is at the dunes telling stories and everybody's going and I will have to miss it, but we're seeing Ladder 49 which looks really good. Oh yeah, and going along with that I'm not Jewish. My name is Sam Ffuh. When said it sounds Jewish-ish. Actually more Middle Eastern-ish but you all get my drift. Choir, fun times. <-Wow, never thought I would say that!

Well, that's all of my boring little life for now. Adios!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Choir Concerts and Blood Drives

It was kinnda a long week. Choir concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. So I was kinnda tired the rest of the week but it wasn't too bad. Counterpoints did pretty well during the concerts. Trebs did awesome too but I just always expect that now.

I applied for a job on Tuesday (or Wednesday) and it sounds really good! I hope it works out! Cross your fingers for me.

Thursday was fun, it was the blood drive. I really did not enjoy that. Luckily Kyle, Gina, and Chris were all by me so I knew some people. The guy that took my information kept commenting my shirt which was kinnda weird (and creepy). The guy drawing the blood wasn't really nice. He kept telling me I was doing good but I could tell he was lying. Chris even said when he got there, "Sam, you look tense." And at that moment I was looking straight at the ceiling, because if I looked left I saw the needle in me and if I looked right I would see them putting the needle in Ally. So the only acceptable spot was right above me. Luckily Kyle doesn't like needles either so I don't feel so bad.

Because of the blood drive I missed most of Econ so I had to go in Friday during SRT and make up a reading quiz thing. That wasn't bad but I also had a Pre-Calc quiz and an Environment Science test. I studied for Pre-Calc and think I did well. I really hope so because I have a D+ (69.05%) in that class. I need some good grades before report cards.

Other than that, it was a pretty decent week. Tonight is either Movies in the Park or the LC at Merrillville football game. Adios!

Monday, October 04, 2004

My Day Off

So this is my first post and I'm not sure how good I will be at this. I know, I know, I am a follower but I felt left out.

Homecoming was last night and was so much more fun than I expected. The game was terrible. Luckily, my friends made it fun. We stayed for the whole thing (we lost, woo-hoo!) and then ran to the dance. The first half-hour or so the music was really bad and people weren't doing anything. Then that party got started! It was awesome, we (Me, Melanie, Amy & Mike) got our picture taken. We had to wait because there were so many couples waiting. Then we went to Steak & Shake afterwards. It was an awesome night.

Then Saturday and Sunday was spent celebrating Dad's and Maggie's birthday (since my grandparents will be leaving before Sister's birthday).

Today started off normally, but I thought it was going to be a blue day and only brought home blue day homework. Luckily, my Pre-Calc teacher wasn't there so it didn't matter that I didn't have my homework done. Luckily, this topic is pretty easy too.

Then in SRT, Anne brought me a note that said I didn't have to stay after for play practice since they aren't doing my scene. I don't have to stay after until Thursday which is awesome. I still had my costume in my car so I took that to her after school and then left.

After school I was walking around with Melanie and ended up in the Auditorium for Trebs practice. I stayed there and listened to a song and then watched their dance. They are really good. They're going to be awesome at the concert. I am so bad at dancing and singing. I always mess up at least once during the dance, but never at the same spot. Our concert is tomorrow. I should learn the words to our Chezck song.

Today was nice and lazy, when I left Trebs practice I left Melanie a note, like she has done for me a few times. I felt that she needed one.

So now I'm watching TV and noticing how bad the acting on 7th Heaven is. My mom has gotten into it and so I'm watching it. There is a West Wing marathon on Bravo but dinner was ready so I just never got around to switching channels.

Well, I have homework to do and Everybody Loves Raymond is on (can you tell I'm addicted to TV?) so I am going to leave. This journal thing is kinnda fun.