Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weathermen and their Words

So, I like to know weird and random facts. Most people who know me know this (if you don't believe me, ask me the difference between a Evacuation A or Evacuation B at Disneyworld). Anyway, when the weather report is given on TV I always thought the weatherman just said that it looks like it's going to be breezy so he called it breezy. Anyway, it turns out that wind and cloud cover have official terms.

For example, if there were going to be sustained winds of 23mph I would call it windy (windy is 20-30mph).

If there is a 30% PoP (probability of precipitation) there is a chance of rain. There will also be scattered rain.

45% cloud cover? It's Partly Cloudy/Sunny

So yeah, you might think I'm a dork but I find this information fascinating. If you are weird like me and think it's interesting, check this out.

Finals Week

Finals start tomorrow. Yeah... Should I be studying now? Yeah... but I'm not. I'm on here. Oh well. I'm not very happy with my final schedule but there is nothing I can do about that so I will jut deal with it.

Mon- Math 154 3:20pm
Tues- Earth & Atmospheric Science 3:20pm
Wed- Entrepreneurship 8am (Ouch!) and History 3:20pm
Fri- Theatre 1pm

What am I happy about? I am very excited that most of my finals start after noon (except for that Entrepreneurship). That makes me happy. And I have a tour for the Visitor Information Center on Thursday but I enjoy those. Anyway, Here's to Finals!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Air Drums Are Cool, Dude

I'm sitting in the lobby of my Residence Hall right now finishing up a project (I'm in the lobby to get rid of distractions, mainly the TV). Anyway, there is this rather large kid a few chairs in front of me that is listening to music on his laptop. Okay, cool. Most people are doing homework but it's cool if you want to come down here and listen to some music (and I am positive he's not doing homework, I can see his screen and it just switches between AIM and iTunes).

So far normal, right. Right. Well, the thing is he keeps on drumming in thin air. Now we all play air guitar and stuff, but not in public. This is something you do in the privacy of your room with the door locked when your roomate is in class (not that I've ever done it). He drums for like 20 or 30 seconds, looks around and stops.

Now, doing this once I can maybe see. But he's done it 6 times! OMG! So perfect! He just started again!

Oh well, I needed a break from my project and I thought you would like to know this.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I am still sore from playing wallyball last night. But that's okay because it was AMAZING!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm a Funny Guy with the Alcohol!

Mike: "We should go visit them."
Me: "That would be a GREAT idea!"
Mike: "Yeah. Wait, are you serious?"
Me: "No... I'm drunk."

Monday, April 17, 2006

Fountains are Back On! Hell Yeah!

So who else is FREAKIN' EXCITED that ALL of the fountains are BACK ON!!! I know that I AM!!! I have been waiting for this ALL WINTER and now it FINALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Today Is A Beautiful Day

Today was just amazing. First, it's 78 outside and I wore a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Can't remember the last time I got to do that. I had a lot of downtime today so I got to lay on the engineering lawn for a little over an hour with the sun beaming down and my ipod turned up. Oh, and did anyone notice the Engineering Fountain is taped off? You know what that means... in a few days we will have a fountain again! I have been waiting all winter for the fountains to be turned back on. Memorial and the Lion Fountain were turned on a few weeks ago but their small and don't really count.

Tonight I get to hang out with my VIC people and then go to a BGR meeting so tonight should pretty much be amazing.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I Always Thought I Looked Like Jude Law

So, there is this site called where you upload a picture of yourself, it analyzies your face and then it tells you famous people it thinks you look like. Whats even BETTER is that it doesn't look at gender, it gives you both guy and girl celebrities you look like! It's amazing! My top matches for each?

resulted in:

Jude Law and Emma Watson.

Other celebrities I look like:
Kirsten Dunst
Joshua Jackson
Julie Andrews
Heath Ledger
Jennifer Aniston

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Want Free Software

So, this company is giving away free software if enough people mention it in their blog (well, something like 250) and I really want this piece of softwre. It's AppZapper. For those of you that know Apple computers, they don't have typical uninstall, you just drag the icon to the trash bin and it's uninstalled. Well, this takes care of all those little pieces of the program that remain behind. So there, I did my part. Now, I want my free software!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last Night...

Last night was a night full of firsts. When I got to Alpha Xi Delta, I got a mug shot taken, fingerprinted and handcuffed. Then, I got on a bus and went to a dance. The dance was awesome. I got caressed and danced on by Purdue Pete (yeah, you're jealous). Then I had my first experience at Harrison Grille.

Last night was AWESOME!