Sunday, July 31, 2005

Can't Find a Song

I was watching Laguna Beach today (my TiVo suggested it and recorded it for me) and there was this awesome song that I can't find anywhere. The chorus starts with Comin Home to California and when I search for that I can't find it anywhere. Don't you hate when that happens!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Every Good Show Needs a Nosy Grandma

For those of you that don't know (which is probably relatively few considering I talk about it all the time), I am watching the first season of Desperate Housewives on ABC now during the summer. I just finished episode 6 and if they take off Grandma Solis I will be mildly ticked off. She was great on the show and so different from all of the other characters. I don't know why, old and sneaky in one person was just fun to watch. She isn't in ABC's Bios section so I'm guessing she's not a permanent character. Then again, neither are Bre & Rex's kids.

Speaking of Bre & Rex's kids, Andrew is another one of my favorite characters. He hit her with his car so hopefully we'll get into his character more. There's more to him than just being ticked off at his parents...

Yesterday... All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Yesterday was a great day! Right after church, I headed to Ferrini's house and enjoyed the Teen Pottery Barn (who would have guessed?) catalog. We then are some very awesome food and people went swimming. It looked like a lot of fun but I had to be back at church for Family Night that night. Figures, of all nights. Anyway, I didn't feel like showering and all that so I just didn't go swimming. I did, however, get wet.

After Family Night, I met up with people at Keene's while they were playing Scene It. I did a little better than Anita's grad party, but I'm still terrible at it and should not be allowed to play. We had pizza which was awesome since there was no dinner for me that day, mainly because I never visited my house. Then Ferrini, Lindsay Grolla, and myself went to Family Video to rent a movie. I wanted the porno movie. They wanted a scary movie. I told them porn is scary and they told me I'm cute. Not sure what that means. Anyway, we ended up renting Double Jeopardy after Lindsay pretended to be Jenni Keene.

During the movie, stuff started happening and people got mad. I think I might have said something to aggravate it but all I wanted to do was watch the movie. As anybody who knows me half-well knows I hate when people talk during movies. People were yelling and it upset me. I'm sorry if I offended anybody, I didn't mean to yell, I just wanted everybody to stop talking. Anyway, we finished the movie and it was good. Then I went home and slept. Now it's back to work.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ways to Not Make Friends

After meeting a very rude lady at VBS today, I will tell you what happened at the end of the week, I decided I could use her as a perfect example of what to do to not make friends.

1. Do not tell me things I already know. This lady told me today that, since we did not see some bickering that was going on after VBS ended, we should get more teachers. Thanks a lot lady. As assistant director, I've been helping plan VBS since November and I will be the first one to tell you that my #1 wish with VBS every year is to have more people than we do.

2. Don't ask if I saw something when I obviously did. This same lady walked up to me and asked if I saw what had happened, after I broke it up and reprimanded the boys. Nope, didn't see a thing. I thought they were looking at the flowers...

3. Don't tell me I didn't do what I just did. I walked up to the boys and started to reprimand them, at one point on of the boys started to walk away and I made him (a little forcefully but not too much so) come back to the group I was talking to. After talking to them for about 30-45 seconds (my main job was to make sure kids didn't run into the parking lot so I felt that was of utmost importance at the moment) she comes up and asks me if I yelled at them. Nope, we all stood there and I sang them a song.

4. Don't yell at me for not doing something you didn't do. Don't ask why I didn't break up the little 2nd grade name-calling when you sat in your car and watched it for "a minute or two" (that's what she told us after I said "As soon as I saw it I broke it up" and she replied, "But it's been going on for a minute or two.") I would like to thank this lady for being an extreme benefit to the community of Griffith by just sitting by and allowing something bad to happen. It's not like a gang fight where her life would have been in danger, it was second grade name-calling. Even if she didn't want to break it up, I am standing by the main entrance with a nametag that says: SAM - Asst. Director. She could have come and gotten me or any other adult with a nametag, their red cardboard and the size of an index card so they're not too hard to find.

5. Don't make empty threats. This lady told me "My children will not be attending the rest of the week." Well, Karla (the director) and I would actually be excited. That's right, excited. We had 150 kids we are responsible for every day. 147, while it doesn't seem like that big of a difference, would be a burden off of our shoulders. Plus, we know what VBS is to many parents. It's a babysitter. Ours is even a free babysitter. I am expecting to see her children there tomorrow. Without us, she wouldn't get her 3-hour break.

Maybe it was my upbringing but some people amaze me at how rude they can be to another human being. I apologize to this lady, I may have been a little rude to her (wait until you hear my sarcastic comments that I didn't say to her... you'll realize I was really, really nice). I have been working for 9 months towards an extremely stressful week of me being responsible for more children than she will ever be so she could have a peaceful three hours. If she wants to be in charge next year, I will gladly give her the church's phone number.

Other than that, VBS has been going awesome and has been an incredible week. The children are all having a blast and we haven't had any worker problems yet (we usually run into at least one).

Friday, July 15, 2005

Dyer Kicks Butt

I know I complained about the fireworks show (which was still the worst out of tri-town by far), however, Dyer is the 97th Best Place to Live in the United States according to Money Magazine. Indiana had 17 competitors, the only ones near us being Munster and Schererville. Dyer beat out both and made it to #97 on the list. Fishers Indiana (the other Indiana city that made the list) was #24. So, as much as we Dyer people complain, I guess it isn't that bad.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tom Cruise Annoys Me #2

Just out of curosity, why should I listen to Tom Cruise about anti-depressants and psychiatry when I have more education than he does?

My New Old iPod

new_ipodI just got my iPod about a month ago and it is already outdated. Apple just combined their regular iPod and iPod Photo. So, now every 20GB iPod now has a color screen and I can put slideshows and pictures on it. Doesn't that just figure.

I wonder what Circuit City's return policy is...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


A few of us: "Ferrini, these are really cool fireworks."
Ferrini: "Hey, I don't half-ass my holidays!"