Thursday, April 28, 2005

California Trip

Well, I'm back from California and back in the swing of things. I figured I would give a rundown of what happened my few days gone.

I left Thursday and we got to San Diego at about 8:00 Pacific time. We then had to drive from San Diego Airport to Anaheim. I became the navigator because I had opened up my mouth earlier about how I navigate with my dad down to Texas. We got lost. Twice, I believe. The ride there was fun though. We got to the hotel and slept.

Friday, we got up and went to Laguna Beach. We had breakfast at this little house thingy. The pancakes weren't very good, but it was food. There was no sun at all and it was kind of cold that day. Figures. It was still awesome though. Danielle and I walked along the beach and then went to these big rock things and climbed on them for a while. We went back to the hotel and then went to the opening general session. Moreene (Mrs. Rosinsky's (the sponsor) sister), didn't go because she wasn't feeling well. It was okay. They had cool lights and a good sound system. A lot of the same things that we did at state though. That ended, we got starbucks and then went to bed.

Saturday, we got up and found out they thought Moreene had shingles. She left at like 4am to LAX to fly back home. Mrs. Rosinki's cousin, Mrs. Fite, then came down and stayed with us the rest of the weekend. She was so awesome. Plus, she knew her way around so no more navigating for me (or so I thought). We went to Hollywood and walked around. We saw the Kodak Theatre (where the Academey Awards and American Idol are held) and the Chinease Theatre with all the handprints. That was cool. We also saw the origional Fredrick's of Hollywood and the El Capitan theatre (where all the Disney premieres are). We then went to Rodeo Dr. and rode down it because we didn't have enough time to get out. We saw a Beverly Hills cop and we all got out and took a picture with him. That was neat. We need to make sure that one gets in the yearbook. I'll have to talk to Toni. We then went back for Holly's contest. While she was in her's we all went to Downtown Disney (since Disneyland was only like 2 blocks from our hotel). I left early because I had my HTML contest at 6 that night. We then skipped the second general session (Mrs. Rosinski, that rebel) and went out to eat at Magiano's (sp?). Home and bed.

Sunday was a contest day. I had mine at 8 but it was running late. Everybody had them randomly throughout the day. For the rest of the day (until we went to Disney) I just did a few things, ate, and went down to the pool. It was nice that day. Then we went to Disney from 4-11. We started out in California Adventure. Lines for Tower of Terror was long but the ride was very cool (I had never been on it before). California Screamin' line was long but it was also very cool. We got food (and waited forever). We then headed to Disneyland and went on Pirates of the Carribean (another first time for me) and then Haunted Mansion. We ended the night on Splash Mountain where we didn't get wet until me, Kate, and Sean had a little water fight. Well, big water fight. We then left the park since Space Mountain was closed getting ready for the 50th Anniversary which starts May 5. There were also no fireworks because they were transitioning the show from the normal one to the 50th Anniv. one. That was disappointing.

Monday, we went to South Coast Plaza. Apparently, it's the Rodeo Drive of Newport Beach. Well, it was. There were a lot of normal stores but also a lot we don't have here. Versaci, Armani XChange, jewlery stores galore. We shopped a little bit at stores we could afford (me at Bannana Republic and American Eagle) then we got ice cream from Haggan Dasz (sp?) and went back to the hotel for the Awards Ceremony. It was so long. Oh my God was it long. I got called up on stage though. That was cool. A lot of people left early and I wish we could have too. After it was over, more than half of the people left that night for planes. There was a dance that wasn't that great. Rachel and I left early and got pizza and headed back to the hotel (where Eric, Holly and Sean already were). Danielle and Kate came back later and ate some of the pizza. I then packed and went to bed around 1ish.

Tuesday we left, got breakfast and then drove by the beach (Mrs. Rosinski told us no but Mrs. Fite said we were going to anyway because "You're in California damnit."). That was cool. We then got on the plane and came back to freezing NWI. On the drive from Midway to school there were many funny moments.

Some California/Ride Quotes:

Kate: "Ugh... even the streets are pretier in California" (and it's true).

Someone: "Why are the people on that truck so happy" (a moving truck was driving by with smiling people on it)
Me: "Maybe they're moving to California"

Kate: "Why are those in such weird patterns?" (refering to these very ugly flower pictures on the sound wall of the freeway)
Sean: "Maybe somebody stole them."
Kate: "Because they're so ugly."

"Eric the ghost in all our pictures."

My parents had dropped off my car and put a welcome home note on it. That was neat. Anyway, it was an awesome experience. I once again ask why I live here. It makes no sense to me. Anyway, I really want to go back to Disneyland for their 50th Anniversay. It looks like it is going to be really cool. Well, I think that's it. Adios.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Counterpoint Quote

Me: Explicitive
Hobbs: Sam! Was that you?
Everybody: Banter about how innocent I am.
Toni: Oh, Sam's not innocent.
Kyle: This coming from the girl who rides with him every morning.

Not-So-Deep Thought

So, tonight, I was eating a leftover (a.k.a. small) piece of chicken for dinner since my mom forgot I had counterpoints tonight and dinner wasn't going to be ready until I already left. I didn't feel like I needed to cut up the chicken so I just grabbed it all by a stab with the fork and starting biting off pieces. Enter Mom.

Mom: Sam, cut up your chicken.
Me: Why? Whether I do or not, it all goes to the same place.
Mom: That doesn't have anything to do with what I was saying.

It does, you just have to think about it for awhile.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New Favorite Song

Don't got a lot of time
Don't give a damn
Don't tell me what to do
I am the man
If there's a god up there
Something above
God shine your light down here
Shine on the love
Love of the loveless

Don't have too many friends
Never felt at home
Always been my own man
Pretty much alone
I know how to get through
And when push comes to shove
I got something that you need
I got the love
Love of the loveless

All around you people walking
Empty hearts and voices talking
Looking for and finding

Don't got a lot of time
Don't really care
Not selling anything
Buyer beware
If there's a god up there
Something above
God shine your light down here
Shine on the love
Love of the loveless

Don't got a lot of time
Don't give a damn
Don't tell me what to do
I am the man
Love of the loveless

"Love of the Loveless"