Monday, February 13, 2006

The OC Quotes

As you all know, I love The O.C. We are re-watching season 1 so Brandon and Shannon can catch up on what is going on. In the last two episodes we watched, there were two fo my favorite quotes from the show (I had always remembered them but watching them again made me want to post them). Both of these are from the first season.

Caleb's Hot Girlfriend: "You must think it's weird, me being with an older guy."
-pause- Ryan: "I live in a pool house."

Summer: "Come on, get off the bed. Be a gentleman."
Seth: "Chilvalry's dead, sugar."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today at lunch...

Today at lunch, I was waiting in line for the fruit bowl and Melanie, myself, and Marie were very out of it at this point. So then the line moves forward, as lines tend to do, and I grab my tray to push it along the counter. Well, I grabbed the guys tray behind me and only realized it because it ran into my tray. At which point, I let go and grabbed my tray and continued moving forward. The guy was cool about it and seemed to find it funny and just laughed, but it was still embarrassing.

Florida Pictures

Here are the pictures from our trip to Florida this January. Commentary coming soon. You don't get to get it before the Grandparents do.
(Click on a photo to make it larger, see the caption or leave comments.)